Recommended Products

Elite Athlete Sports Equipment

Learn the best power band exercises to develop speed and movement for everyday function. 

Develop shoulder and joint stability to reduce risk of injuries! 

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EA Light Power Kit

The Elite Athlete Light Power Kit is recommended for athletes ages 9-11.

EA Medium/Foundation Power Kit

The Elite Athlete Medium Power Kit is recommended for athletes ages 11-15.

EA Heavy Power Kit

The Elite Athlete Heavy Power Kit is recommended for athletes ages 15 and up.

Plexus Ease® Capsules

Find relief with this joint and muscle supplement. Ease soreness from exercise, soothe occasional muscle discomfort, and support your body’s natural recovery.*

Plexus Nerve™

Plexus Nerve is a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids to help support healthy nerve cells and nervous system. Don’t let occasional nerve discomfort get in the way of having a good day every day – get Plexus Nerve.

Plexus Ease® Cream

Ease into comprehensive relief! Simply apply this fast-absorbing cream to the desired area to soothe away occasional discomforts within minutes.