Patient Testimonial

Rhett’s PT for back pain relief journey

Rhett came to us after suffering from lower back pain off and on for several years. He had ‘tweaked’ his back while moving heavy objects. Simon prescribed a series of stretches, movements, and exercises to help strengthen his back, increase his range of motion, and increase mobilization.

“It’s helped me out a whole lot,” Rhett shared. Rhett shared that his experience with HiFLEX was different than other experiences he has had seeking to alleviate his pain. “It’s more hands-on, It seems like before it was very quick. At a doctor’s setting, you go into an office and you’ve got 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes. With you guys, you’re here at least an hour, sometimes pushing two hours. So a lot more personal attention.”


Strengthened back


Increased range of motion


Increased mobilization


Rhett had suffered from back pain on and off for some time. Simon helped him relieve his pain, and learn some stretches to keep his back mobile and pain free.

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