Patient Testimonial

Mike’s Pre and Post Surgery Recovery Story

After struggling with the need for a hip replacement, Mike came to HiFLEX at the recommendation of his daughter Jessica. He had embarked on a holistic healing journey and explored various options, including PRP therapies.

Although his hip proved unfixable, Dr. Chelsea Smith provided Mike with pre-surgical treatment, or ‘prehab’, and connected him with a skilled orthopedic surgeon. The next morning, Chelsea was by his side, offering personalized care and support.

Mike shared with us that he was impressed by our attention to detail and was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional level of service we provided. He even likened his experience to being part of a family rather than a standard doctor-patient relationship.

“Dealing with Chelsea is like dealing with a family member.”

Mike wholeheartedly recommends Chelsea and the HiFLEX team, emphasizing the comfort and personalized approach they offer.


Pre & Post Surgery Treatment (aka pre-hab and re-hab)


Personalized Care & Support


Exceptional level of service and attention to detail


When Mike realized that he needed to have his hip replaced, the pre and post surgery therapies provided by HiFLEX, the family-like, personalized services made a difference in his recovery.

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