Patient Testimonial

Lisa’s Surgery Recovery after meniscus injury

Lisa is incredibly active and utilizes exercise for both physical and mental health. When she came out of surgery, she was fearful of the future and what it meant for her exercise life. Today? Confident and beyond excited!

Dr. Smith was able to meet her at her house, spend 75 minutes of hands-on therapy working on swelling and getting motion moving, and gained a solid 50 degrees of knee flexion just in one session. In just 10 additional sessions with Simon Ibrahim, Lisa is back in action! Had a knee surgery, have one coming up, or have any friends and family who may be in this situation? We are happy to help!


Increased range of motion


Armed with exercises for both physical and mental health


Back on the court in just 11 weeks


Lisa’s torn meniscus repair surgery brought her to HiFLEX for surgery recovery. At PT graduation day, she’s ready to get back to her regular life again.

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