Patient Testimonial

Adam’s Recovery Story

Adam had a complete tear in one of the four muscles of his rotator cuff, specifically the super spinalus. Having known Simon and Chelsea in the past, he reached out to them for help. Recognizing their expertise and the convenience of one-on-one therapy sessions, Adam was confident in their abilities.

After six weeks, Adam returned to his surgeon, Dr. David Bruce, with a full range of motion and minimal pain, surprising even the surgeon himself. While Adam rightly credits Dr. Bruce for the successful surgery, he attributes his pain-free recovery and improved activity level to the high-end therapy experience he received at HiFLEX.

The personalized care and guidance from the team made him feel ” like the most important patient.” With HiFLEX by his side, Adam’s activity level not only returned to its pre-surgery state but surpassed it. Now, his right shoulder is considered his “good one,” and he takes it easy on his left shoulder during gym workouts.

 “It put my mind at ease. And to have somebody that’ll take your phone calls and that has the experience and that will walk down the path with you is really nice. They were they were kind of like my guides through it.”


Regained full range of motion


Minimal pain


Surpassed pre-surgery activity level


Adam had rotator cuff surgery and came to HiFLEX for his surgical recovery therapy.

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