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Success Stories


Lisa is incredibly active and utilizes exercise for both physical and mental health. When she came out of surgery, she was fearful of the future and what it meant for her exercise life. Today? Confident and beyond excited!

Dr. Smith was able to meet her at her house, spend 75 minutes of hands-on therapy working on swelling and getting motion moving, and gained a solid 50 degrees of knee flexion just in one session. In just 10 additional sessions with Simon Ibrahim, Lisa is back in action! Had a knee surgery, have one coming up, or have any friends and family who may be in this situation? We are happy to help!

Akram is a business owner and a family man. When he came to see us he was experiencing discomfort in his neck along with weakness in his shoulder and numbness in his hand...all of which were impacting his ability to work efficiently. In just 8 visits he was able to have complete resolution of his symptoms! How cool is that? With sessions being mobile, he was able to take minimal time away from work and family and get the personalized 1:1 care he needed. 

Approaching 6 weeks post-op for Eli. Goodbye brace!
Welcome back Quadriceps! Range of motion goals met for this phase with full knee extension and 125 deg of flexion.

Here’s something interesting. He has been working diligently on restoring his gait pattern( trying not to limp, bending his knee when he walks, heel strike,etc…). I put a basketball in his hand for the first time since surgery and you can see in the video what he could do. No , it’s not perfect but by adding another component aside from focusing on his gait , it seems to have triggered a more normal muscle memory/ motor firing pattern with his walking mechanics.

 He has a DAILY home program routine but our IN PERSON SESSIONS are anything but routine. We break every piece down over and over following the guidelines of his post-op protocol. Attention to detail, constant assessment and reinforcement has allowed him to progress each session throughout this process. Our programs are unique to each individual. Keep up the good work Eli!

Here at HiFLEX, we have numerous "tools in our tool box"

One of these tools is joint mobilization as you see Simon demonstrating a variation of in the video. We utilize these techniques to help reduce muscle guarding and reduce restrictions with the goal of improving mobility, range of motion, and pain level of the joint. This is followed up with strengthening exercises to help maintain progress made. Reach out today for a consultation!


"What can you even do for my ankle aside from the boring exercises?"

We're glad you asked!

The below video is a sample of various treatment options that can all help reduce the symptoms of tension, burning, pinching, feeling stiff/blocked, and reduce pain. We LOVE hands on treatment here at HiFLEX paired with exercises to carry over the benefits to long term. Simon Ibrahim has treated more ankles than we can count!

Need help getting your ankle back to 100%? Let us know!