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The Art of Being Flexible

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2020

If you haven't noticed, I am in the midst of rebranding my Physical Therapy practice.  I want to use this time to tell you a bit more about the new name as well as how this rebrand has made me exercise my own flexibility as a business owner.

First, let's talk about why I chose the name.  When I first learned that I would need to rebrand my business, I had no idea how to start deciding upon a new business name. I decided to ask my patients what type of name they felt would best describe my practice now that they were already a patient of mine and had experienced working with me.  My patients are awesome, for the record, and agreed to offer me suggestions that they thought of.  When I saw the suggestion "HiFLEX PT", I immediately had a draw to it.  Flexibility is a word that is applicable to all aspects of my hybrid mobile/brick and mortar practice.  My practice is rooted in flexible scheduling, flexible location, improved flexibility of the body, flexibility of the mind to reframe a painful experience, flexing muscles, etc.  These components of how I conduct business are exactly what my patient referenced in his thought process for the idea, which was the best compliment I could receive. After some time thinking, I then decided to go with Health & Performance as opposed to PT so that the name explained a little bit more about what I truly do.  I focus on full body health and ultimately strive to improve performance on all levels whether that be daily activities or high level activities/sports. 

Now that you know why I decided on the name, let's talk about how this entire experience of rebranding has made me exercise my own flexibility as a business owner.  Flexibility does not merely apply to the physical body.  As a physical therapist, while I do address the flexibility of the physical body, it is incredibly important to also address flexibility of the mind.   When I initially began my rebranding process, I was frustrated.  This was not what I wanted to be spending my time doing right now.  This was not an expense that I wanted to bother with right now. fully embracing the rebrand and being mentally flexible and willing to adapt to the circumstance, my vision for the future has been able to expand!  

In terms of expansion, I have immediate plans to bring on at least 2 additional therapists over the next few months.  Be on the look out for a follow up newsletter specifically covering this when the time comes.  With additional therapists opens more flexibility in scheduling, more flexibility in choosing a clinician who perfectly matches your needs and preferences, and more flexibility in treatment specializations and variations.

I have also integrated PhysiTrack which allows for flexibility and ease of participating in virtual sessions as well as accessing your personalized independent exercise prescription through the app and desktop versions.

While this time of isolation and a pause in majority of my business has included uncertainty, anxiety and has also included hope and creativity that was previously smothered by being busy and distracted.  Let's all try to make the best use of the time and assess where we may be needing to work on our flexibility in whatever area that may be!


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