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Mindset Impacts Healing

As a physical therapist I see a lot of different types of people and personalities. While I’ve only been practicing for 5 years, I have been in/around the rehab setting since 2011. I feel I can confidently say that the trends I see in the rehab setting can be applied to multiple aspects of our daily life. This post will primarily be about rehabilitation and recovery; however, I find it to be fascinating that the same concepts can be extrapolated out across relationships, careers, etc. 

Opinions are important, but they are more impactful when the research points to the same conclusion. For that reason what I want to talk about in this post is how emotion and mindset can play a roll in rehab potential, healing potential, health, and fitness goals in general.

I read an interesting study that discussed the impact of anxiety and fear on wound healing time post operatively. The study stated that “converging evidence from different research...

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The Art of Being Flexible

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2020

If you haven't noticed, I am in the midst of rebranding my Physical Therapy practice.  I want to use this time to tell you a bit more about the new name as well as how this rebrand has made me exercise my own flexibility as a business owner.

First, let's talk about why I chose the name.  When I first learned that I would need to rebrand my business, I had no idea how to start deciding upon a new business name. I decided to ask my patients what type of name they felt would best describe my practice now that they were already a patient of mine and had experienced working with me.  My patients are awesome, for the record, and agreed to offer me suggestions that they thought of.  When I saw the suggestion "HiFLEX PT", I immediately had a draw to it.  Flexibility is a word that is applicable to all aspects of my hybrid mobile/brick and mortar practice.  My practice is rooted in flexible scheduling, flexible location, improved flexibility of the...

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