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Dr. Chelsea Smith, PT, IDNT

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The body is active

Our bodies were made to be active! It has not been until recent decades where the vast majority of people are sitting down throughout the day. Many conveniences of our Western society have led to an epidemic of inactivity, resulting in sky high rates of chronic pain and disease.

The body is resilient

In a culture where we have been led to believe that rest, pain medication, and passive modalities are the answer, we hope to educate as many people as possible on the value and importance of movement and exercise being our primary medicine. The body was created to heal itself (in most cases) and simply requires understanding and guidance on how to best move forward after injury or even simply to optimize movement and strength we already have.

The body is complex

We believe in conversation and discussing underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. We are complex beings comprised of emotions, patterns, habits, compensations, and preset ideas which all impact our physical bodies. If none of this is taken into consideration, it is quite possible to miss a large factor in your healing.

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