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Physical Therapy

We serve our patients & clients at the highest level by offering exclusive one on one physical therapy with a hands on emphasis.  We pride ourselves in offering flexible session locations, flexible scheduling options, flexible communication styles, and 100% transparent pricing.  Coupled with our exceptional skilled care, our goal is to educate and empower our patients to live the healthiest life they are able to achieve.

Prioritize your health so that you can continue to run a busy household or work environment.

Flexible Treatment Locations

Save time in your day by eliminating the drive to and from a clinic by utilizing our mobile services.

Flexible Appointments

Prioritize your health so that you can continue to run a busy household or work environment.

Flexible Communication Styles

We can meet in person or virtually. We offer communications styles to fit your lifestyle. 

Health & Performance:  Physical Therapy

What is it like to a be a patient at HiFLEX? 

You may have heard stories from your friends or family about their experience and wonder what in the world it might be like for you.  Physical therapy uses education, guided and specific movement and the body’s own ability to heal itself to help you manage your current condition or prevent future discomfort/injury.  Physical therapy can be helpful for anyone at any age and addresses a wide variety of cases.

At HiFLEX Health & Performance, your sessions may end up looking very similar to personal training as you progress and advance.  An integrated approach to physical wellbeing also includes addressing things such as stress levels, gut health, and general diet.

Are your ready to get a better understanding of your body and take control of your physical health?

Work with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who prioritizes you & your schedule. Receive treatment at your home, work space, gym, or in our treatment space downtown Chattanooga.

Flexible location. Flexible time frames. Flexible communication.

  • Save time in your day by eliminating the drive to and from a clinic by utilizing our mobile services.
  • Prioritize your health so that you can continue to run a busy household or work environment.
  • Keep up with your independent exercise with high quality video demonstration and weekly tracking via PhysiApp.
  • Travel for work and concerned about consistency? Stay on track and held accountable with virtual interactive/guided sessions with your therapist via PhysiApp.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem!  All prescriptions for Physical Therapy can be used with any physical therapy provider of your choice (yes, even if another location is specified on the order).  We have many long standing relationships with Physicians and Specialists in the Greater Chattanooga area and are happy to reach out to establish and communicate details of your care with your referring provider.

HiFLEX puts a large emphasis on QUALITY of personalized one on one care.  We know your time is valuable and strive to maximize every minute of your session.  We firmly believe that there is significant value in hands on care and incorporate evidence based manual therapy techniques to optimize the progression of your care to meet your specific expectations.

Yes!  There are typically many factors at play with neck pain.  This can include but is not limited to stress, sleep, work space setup, muscle imbalances, compensatory movements, hydration, and nutrition.  A good physical therapy assessment will take a deeper look into what is truly causing your pain and create a customized, easy to understand plan to move forward.

Being active does not mean that you are necessarily preventing knee pain.  Knee pain is often caused by joints either above or below it as well as muscle weakness/imbalance.  This can be detected with a thorough physical assessment.  Physical Therapy often has the same if not better long term outcomes as compared to surgical interventions. 

Absolutely!  Dizziness is often a dysfunction of the vestibular system (located in your inner ear).  There are specific tests that can be performed to test the cause of dizziness. Once this is determined, treatment protocol may be followed. 

The shoulders, neck, and shoulder blade area are very common locations to get “knots” or “trigger points”.  By determining the cause of this irritation, instead of only spot treating these locations, patients can often learn how to reduce their pain on their own and experience significant reduction in baseline pain and tension levels.

Physical therapists are able to locate the cause of abnormal sensation and strength deficits, reduce, and typically eliminate them.  The low back can be a leading contributor to sensory changes in the legs even if no back pain is present.  Conservative care is much safer and more affordable than (often unnecessary) spine surgery.

"I don't know which healthcare professional I should talk to or what my next step should be..."

If you're not sure if you need a physical therapist or a physician, or you are unsure of what the next step is, request to speak with a member of HiFLEX who can educate, empower and guide you in the right direction for your health.

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